The electric cigarette Liquid Store S. L. is marketed in Europe under the brand name “ELOZIG”

Under the trademarks ELOZIG we offer our electronic cigarette in a wide variety of styles from the smallest, the ELOZIG Ultra Slim until the most powerful Elozig XLT/EGOT. The electric cigarette brand ELOZIG is produced in highest quality, there are only high-quality components with long life for use, so the Liquid Store SL can for all models offer a 2 year warranty on all e-cigarettes.

The latest model, the ELOZIG XLT is the “State of the Art” electric cigarette in the current market. It has high performance batteries of 650mAh to 110mAh with integrated shut-off electronics and specially designed for this model high-performance evaporator in conjunction with 1 ml of semi-transparent tank depots without non-woven fabric or other solids for storage of e-liquid features of this electric cigarette.

Stainless steel housing in black, steel or white give this e-cigarette, the elegant design that an electric cigarette the latest generation should have today. Unlike other providers, Liquid Store customers can choose their ELOZIG XLT/Egot already filled depots in nine flavors and four strengths. Of course, these depots are like all depots of the electronic cigarette refillable ELOZIG.

As the level in the semi-trans part ducks depots is easy to see without nonwoven any time for the e-steamer, the refilling of the ELOZIG XLT tank depots designed especially easy. Simply peel off the depots, dribbling e-liquid and back on.