Danger of electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is the new success of smokers desiring time to stop smoking. But is it dangerous? What is it composed?

Hazard e-cigarette e-liquid “vapoté” is composed of water, flavors, more or less of nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. In comparison, smoking a cigarette contains more than 2,500 compounds and smoke 5300 cigarettes which sixty recognized as carcinogenic.

Vegetable glycerin is used in some medicines like syrups. Propylene glycol is used in particular in machinery show or aerosols against asthma. It allows to produce steam.

Nicotine is the only potentially dangerous substance. This substance is the cause of the addiction to cigarettes. It is offered in the e- liquid to allow smokers to get their nicotine fix . Gradually , we can reduce the doses to achieve zero nicotine e-liquid vapoté.

While controlling the consumption of nicotine since the dose can be adjusted according to the needs of vapoteur . Furthermore, the gesture vapoteur retains, with the effect similar to the steam and smoke can choose the taste . There are many flavors such as tobacco or most surprising flavors such as peach or cherry.

Finally, beyond the interest level of health, vapoter costs significantly cheaper than smoking. Buying a complete kit is about 60 euros, quick payback sum given the average price of a pack of cigarettes.

The electric cigarette Liquid Store S. L. is marketed in Europe under the brand name “ELOZIG”

Under the trademarks ELOZIG we offer our electronic cigarette in a wide variety of styles from the smallest, the ELOZIG Ultra Slim until the most powerful Elozig XLT/EGOT. The electric cigarette brand ELOZIG is produced in highest quality, there are only high-quality components with long life for use, so the Liquid Store SL can for all models offer a 2 year warranty on all e-cigarettes.

The latest model, the ELOZIG XLT is the “State of the Art” electric cigarette in the current market. It has high performance batteries of 650mAh to 110mAh with integrated shut-off electronics and specially designed for this model high-performance evaporator in conjunction with 1 ml of semi-transparent tank depots without non-woven fabric or other solids for storage of e-liquid features of this electric cigarette.

Stainless steel housing in black, steel or white give this e-cigarette, the elegant design that an electric cigarette the latest generation should have today. Unlike other providers, Liquid Store customers can choose their ELOZIG XLT/Egot already filled depots in nine flavors and four strengths. Of course, these depots are like all depots of the electronic cigarette refillable ELOZIG.

As the level in the semi-trans part ducks depots is easy to see without nonwoven any time for the e-steamer, the refilling of the ELOZIG XLT tank depots designed especially easy. Simply peel off the depots, dribbling e-liquid and back on.